photo: Alessandro Laita

Ohmyblue was founded in Venice in 2013 by Elena and Chiaralice Rizzi.
Ohmyblue is built on the direct relationship with the artists. We are open-minded and work with what we like, so you’ll find established and young jewelry artists, pieces of clothing by Issey Miyake and head pieces by the Italian brand Ilariusss. In the past we also presented porcelain and ceramic works from Aldo Bakker, Hella Jongerius and Pieter Stockmans.

In this way, by juxtaposition, our clients can contextualize the encounter they are making with things they never saw before and feel comfortable, and therefore happy. We think a contemporary jewel is an image that one can wear, reducing the distance that separates us from it by making us feel its sharp edges.

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Chiaralice Rizzi