Selected Stories

10 Dec – 10 Jan @ OHMYBLUE

Susanna Baldacci | Corrado De Meo | Maria Rosa Franzin | Gigi Mariani | Barbara Paganin Yoko Takirai e Pietro Pellitteri | Sergio e Stefano Spivach | Babette von Dohnanyi  | Gabi Veit Caterina Zanca

The exhibition Selected Stories at OHMYBLUE focuses on the relationship between bodies of work created in the last years by some of the most relevant Italian contemporary jewelry artists.

This exhibition invites the viewer to experience the different languages that these authors speak, having the chance to witness to a web of interlocking formal decisions and identities.

Every piece of jewelry is an image, a tangible object that one can pick up, put down, look from a distance, caress. Even read. Because these objects and their beauty, their shapes, their strangeness, they tell a story that accompanies us and which we want to possess, participating in the construction of significance by appropriating whatever fragment it feels dear to us.

These pieces of jewelry are lonely architectures, spaces that become ourselves and where we can feel at home, strangely.