Treasuries & Transience

22 Oct – 12 Nov 2016 @ OHMYBLUE

Beginning 22 October, OHMYBLUE will present Treasuries & Transience, first solo show of Isabel Dammermann (1985, Hanover, Germany). The artist’s distinctive spontaneous gaze will unfold in the gallery space, debuting new bodies of work. Starting from a certain detail, sometimes a recognizable object (often the most humble, everyday object) Isabel Dammermann explores by making what her language, jewelry, has to say about a shell, a toy, a pebble, a dried flower, a piece of fabric, a mineral, and so on.
Through minor adjustments, these things become complex sculptural objects that lie dormant on the thread that connects experience and memory. Her works are like meditations trapped in an interior movement, in an instant, which resonates in us because they take place in our present.
Dealing with the abstraction of language and representation by assembling, stratifying, juxtaposing, Dammermann creates physical presences that reflect no relief. Her work speaks about an absence that lies somewhere else, maybe in the attempt to grab the wonder of things themselves and to try to present them as if it were for the first time, opening them to the world.
With the work on view at OHMYBLUE, Dammermann, utilizing a wide variety of techniques and materials, creates a visual language that investigates the mystery of things and our relationship with their existence and their disappearance, managing it and turn it into a kingdom.