PHROOM Magazine x OHMYBLUE / BUREAU #1 - VENICE: Christian Michael Filardo

In a recent interview, we were asked to define our gallery. We don't really like definitions but it came to our mind the name of a cult store founded by the late Judy Blame called "House of Beauty and Culture".

OHMYBLUE is that kind of house, it is in fact a space where like-minded artists come together redefining our visual culture with different medias.

Starting from June 11, we'll host a section called #bureau, organized by PHROOM Magazine and every now and then you'll find the work of a young visual artist hanged on our walls.

The first work we present is a photograph from the series "Arroyo Teardrop" by Christian Michael Filardo, a Filipino American photographer living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Filardo uses his camera to record the everyday, creating photographic series to narrate the mundane and intimate aspects of life.
Filardo writes for Photo-Eye and PHROOM and is a co-founder of the Santa Fe art space Etiquette

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