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Elena Rizzi in her gallery, photo: Chiaralice Rizzi

Our Gallery

OHMYBLUE was founded by Elena Rizzi in 2013 with the aim to be a platform in which different aspects of contemporary jewels, design and fashion meet the audience by conveying a new idea of luxury. The space displays unique handcrafted pieces by international artists and designers, each one with a unique style, developed in years of study and experimentations both with traditional techniques and new technologies. Located between Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and Carlo Goldoni’s House OHMYBLUE lives in the most animated part of the city. The interiors, designed for us by Studio Tencalla Architects, was created as a white space with mobile elements that changes every time (especially during the exhibitions) and help enhance the uniqueness of every piece in order to observe these creations and their qualities.

Our Mission

OHMYBLUE is a place to discover and learn more about the world’s best contemporary jewels.

As we never got along too well with the word “accessories”, our work is to convey a different approach to jewelry—putting the public in contact with the best international artists and their unique work. For this reason we like to deal with different aspects of the Contemporary itself so jewelry, design and fashion meet here. It’s a constant dialogue that works by juxtapositions.

Our Attitude

OHMYBLUE is an attitude itself.

We ask ourselves everyday: what can we do to create and to share more beauty?

We share our perspective, amusement and vision, giving the clients access to the contemporary jewelry practice which is still somehow unknown to many people, yet full of possibilities. We want to let everyone that steps in at OMB (including ourselves) look at these works as different visions, studies, concepts toward the world itself.

Our Special Touch

We are a big team which include my sister Chiaralice Rizzi (visual artist), Alessandro Laita (visual artist), Francesco Tencalla (architect) and Bruna Pini (my mother, who raised us with a strong aesthetic sensibility toward every aspect of life). We lived having art in our life, not only because we live in Venice (and you just cannot physically escape art here) but also because our father was a painter and art was a normal aspect of our everyday life. Time to time he used to bring home some amazing pieces of jewelry for my mother and those little objects were like magic to us as kids. They were rare examples of creativity applied to skill and tradition and these are the same aspects we pursue at OHMYBLUE. This kind of desire and unfiltered need of having art around us and wanting to share it with everybody is what makes “special” (hopefully) our work at OHMYBLUE. We are not interested in anything loud or hype. We are interested in giving the creators the chance to meet their wearers and to to ensure the best wearability and manufacture for every product. We like to play seriously.



Campo San Tomà
San Polo 2865
Venezia, 30125


Phone: +39 041 243 5741
Email: info@ohmyblue.com

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